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4 ‘Game Changers’ for BTC in 2022 – Weekend Roundup

by Gordon James

Experts predict Bitcoin to hit $60,000 by 2022. With increasing adoption and a plethora of new developments in the cryptocurrency sector, it’s easy to see why this is happening. In order to find out what are some of the factors that will make for bitcoin success next year we’ve compiled a list 4 ‘Game Changers’ For BTC in 2022:
1) Stablecoins – The future of currencies has arrived with these stable coins enabling investors who may not be comfortable investing in one currency but would rather diversify their portfolio into smaller digital assets like Bitcoins without having any risk exposure on your investments.
2) Decentralized Matching Engine – New technology developed allows trading volume increases through deep liquidity pools while reducing transaction costs as well as time spent waiting during matching process.
3) Better cryptofinance platforms- Cryptoassets are no longer limited with traditional financial tools such as debt or equity markets making decentralized finance more accessible today than ever before at lower cost than fiat alternatives which can save millions across economies globally due to cheaper pricing, greater access and fair returns on investment opportunities coupled with faster payments speeds when compared against current banking methods used today.
4) Simplified Token Creation Standards – A lot easier now that there is less regulation from governing bodies around how tokens should be created ensuring fairer marketplaces where startups don’t have worry about regulatory interference and can focus purely on building groundbreaking products/services for users

The “bitcoin conference 2022 tickets” is a cryptocurrency event that will be held in 2022. The event has been dubbed as the “Game Changers” and it is expected to have a major impact on the future of cryptocurrencies.

There has been an unexpected period of quiet around digital assets during the last several days. This, along with the fact that the end of the year is swiftly approaching, has investors thinking forward to the new year. The events listed below have the potential to extend an already excellent run beyond 2022, firmly establishing digital assets in the mainstream on a worldwide basis.

Tender for Legal Services

El Salvador’s decision to declare Bitcoin legal money is perhaps one of the most significant and exciting Bitcoin occurrences in recent years. Many hailed this action as a foreshadowing of what was to come, despite the fact that it caused division within the current financial system.

After around four months, the project looks to have gone off more smoothly than most would have imagined. Yes, there were a few stumbling blocks during the first launch – as well as a required time of education for those impacted – but nothing has yet to disintegrate. El Salvador has gone even farther with its daring aspirations, announcing the construction of a city based on both supporting and utilizing Bitcoin.

Will 2022 be the year that another country follows El Salvador’s lead and makes BTC legal tender? Given the success of this adoption, as well as rumblings from various nations considering a similar move, will 2022 be the year that another country follows El Salvador’s lead and makes BTC legal tender?

Clarity in Regulations

Companies and investors alike have been skeptical of digital asset rules — or rather, the lack thereof – for years. Although several countries have been working hard to address this, the process may be excruciatingly slow.

Moving ahead, the focus will be on the bigger, more powerful economies, such as the United States, India, and Russia, which are anticipated to give clarification in the coming months. At this time, it looks that the US will be much more receptive of digital assets than India or Russia, both of which have hinted at absolute prohibitions.

Will the regulatory certainty sought by businesses and investors about the classification and handling of digital assets eventually arrive in 2022?


With the recent approval of a Bitcoin futures-based ETF, it seems that a spot-ETF will be allowed at some time. The primary stumbling block, according to the SEC, is persistent market volatility and the possibility for manipulation.

Fortunately, proponents of a spot-ETF feel that sustained use (particularly from an institutional viewpoint) will mitigate both of the aforementioned difficulties. Fortunately, whether or not there is a spot-ETF, this crucial adoption continues to accelerate. With the United States’ economy perhaps the most significant in the world, a spot-ETF has the potential to enable game-changing quantities of money to join Bitcoin.

So, after rejecting dozens of spot-ETF petitions to yet, will 2022 be the year that the SEC finally approves such a product?

Adoption in a flash

Bitcoin excels in a variety of tasks. Unfortunately, flaws in its functioning have emerged in recent years, which have been exposed by its fast adoption. Power usage, transaction costs, and network speed are examples of these. Recognizing these issues, many of BTC’s advocates have shifted their messaging to portray BTC as a type of digital gold. While this may be true in the future, BTC has so much more potential.

With the development of second-layer solutions like the Lightning Network (LN), there is still optimism that Bitcoin may one day be able to operate as a currency. Many major services are already started to embrace the LN, which is a promising indication.

Will the deployment of LN in 2022 change the narrative around Bitcoin from ‘digital-gold’ to a genuine currency?

Metrics & Market Reaction

In terms of market activity, the Christmas weekend was completely unremarkable. While there were a few times when it seemed like Bitcoin might break through recent support, the top digital currency never fell below $49,600.

4 ‘Game Changers’ for BTC in 2022 – Weekend Roundup

With just a few days till the formal start of 2022, it is nearly certain that Bitcoin will not reach the fabled $100,000 milestone. Stranger things have occurred – however improbable – in the past.

Despite the fact that $100,000 seems implausible, the top digital asset appears to be on track to recoup some of the ground it has lost in the previous month, after a positive few days. The ‘Fear & Greed Index,’ which has slowly increased over the previous week from a low of 25 (severe fear) to a current level of 40, highlights the possibility for an upward trajectory (fear).

4 ‘Game Changers’ for BTC in 2022 – Weekend Roundup

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Bitcoin is on the rise, and with it, the cryptocurrency market. Some experts predict that in 2022 bitcoin will be worth $20,000. If you are looking for a way to invest in this space, these four “game changers” might be your best bet. Reference: bitcoin 2022 prediction.

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