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Airbnb users want crypto payment options, according to CEO Twitter poll

by Gordon James

In a Twitter poll, Airbnb users stated they want the company to offer crypto payment options. The company responded that it is looking into adding these new features soon. But what if this was actually an insight into how people would like companies to provide service?

Airbnb is currently testing the integration of bitcoin payments in order to offer their customers a crypto payment option. The company has released a poll on Twitter asking users what they want and are planning on implementing the most popular options. Read more in detail here: airbnb bitcoin payment.

Airbnb users want crypto payment options, according to CEO Twitter poll


Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky polled his nearly 400,000 followers on Monday, asking what they wanted from the rental site in 2022.

When renting their next home or apartment on Airbnb, the majority of respondents want to be able to pay using Bitcoin (BTC) or other popular digital currencies, according to Chesky. Clear price displays, a visitor reward program, up-to-date cleaning costs, and improved customer service were among the other recommendations.

I received 4,000 proposals. The following are the top six:

1 – Cryptocurrency transactions (top suggestion) 2 – Clearly shown price 3 – Loyalty program for guests 4 – Cleaning costs have been updated. 5 – More discounts and long-term stays Better customer service is number six.

I’m already working on the most of these, and I’ll start looking into the rest soon! https://t.co/rxEM4BXZci

January 5, 2022 — Brian Chesky (@bchesky)

Chesky also said that he has seen a variety of token concepts, hinting that Airbnb’s cryptocurrency payment options would not be limited to just one or two digital assets. Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal are presently accepted as payment options by Airbnb. Since 2013, the lodging firm has handled $336 billion in transactions, according to the CEO.

Chesky has been outspoken about new technology’s promise. He told Fox Business in September that the business has had a lot of questions about cryptocurrency payments:

“We receive a lot of requests; I’ve been receiving them for years, and today I have nothing to say about it.”

Nilay Patel of The Verge questioned him about his opinions on the future of crypto and the metaverse in a November interview:

“We’re looking into that right now. Absolutely. Cryptocurrency is certainly undergoing a change, similar to the revolution in travel. Both Airbnb and cryptocurrency have fascinating trust dynamics.”

Airbnb’s derivatives contract gets listed on a cryptocurrency platform ahead of its IPO.

He went on to say that Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, was a former Airbnb employee. The cryptocurrency hype around Airbnb comes as decentralized blockchain-based rivals such as Travala.com’s Dtravel, which offers vacation rentals, gain traction.

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The “debit card with bitcoin rewards” is a cryptocurrency debit card that allows users to spend their bitcoins anywhere they can use fiat currency. The idea of the card was proposed by Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky on Twitter, and he asked his followers what they thought.

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