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American Conservative Pundit Ben Shapiro Endorses Bitcoin Hinting at Libertarian Holy Grail – Op-Ed Bitcoin News

by Gordon James

The popular right-wing commentator devoted a 15-minute YouTube video to educating his followers about the merits and potential of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general as an anti-state monetary system. The popular ownership of bitcoins is the first of its kind in the American alternative rights universe.

Application of crypto-currency makes an unexpected turn to the right in the US political landscape

The seventh. In March 2021, Ben Shapiro, a prominent American conservative political pundit, posted a video on his YouTube channel titled Bitcoin: The future of finance or the gold of fools? The video was viewed more than 800,000 times in three days, displacing Aatonop’s flagship video Introduction to Bitcoin: What is Bitcoin and Why is it Important, which took four years to reach its current 733,000 views.

For the first time, Shapiro discusses bitcoin, cryptocurrencies or finance in general.

Shapiro’s 15-minute video is quite different from Andreas Antonopoulos’. While Antonopoulos addresses a technical audience and focuses on the blockchain innovations that make bitcoin possible, Shapiro explains the world of cryptocurrencies in the simplest terms, as if he knows his viewers are encountering the concept of fiat versus crypto for the first time.

Shapiro’s decision to introduce cryptocurrencies and bitcoin to his 2.87 million subscribers is an amazing moment in the adoption of cryptocurrencies and their acceptance in the United States in their most popular form. Mr. Shapiro is not seen in the same way as Elon Musk or Mark Cuban, billionaire public figures in the field of technology, followed by the crypto crowd. Shapiro is considered a man of the people, a political pundit who is followed by the alt-right, Republicans, conservatives, the American working middle class.

Readers may find it hard to imagine a world without cryptography. But this world exists, and it is much larger than the world of cryptography. Shapiro’s attempt to break the barrier between these two worlds suggests that bitcoin has struck a huge blow on its way to full widespread adoption in 2020 and Q1 2021.

Library corner

After explaining the monetary concept behind fiat currencies, Shapiro states the following as an introduction to what bitcoin really is.

What if you could trade with just about anyone, and without using the dollar? You don’t have to worry about central banks. You don’t have to worry about governments inflating the value of the currency.

This is a direct reference to libertarian thought in the United States, and it’s not hard to see where Shapiro is going with this. Cryptocurrencies are essentially the embodiment of the libertarian dream – a monetary system without government oversight that fits perfectly with the libertarian dogma that government should generally stay out of people’s lives.

While libertarian topics such as the size of government, taxes, gun ownership and even hemp were among the topics of discussion, the Holy Grail of libertarianism is becoming a reality: an economic system without government. Shapiro doesn’t use the word libertarian in the video, but he does highlight that people are losing faith in the government’s monetary system, the dollar, and turning to bitcoin for help time and time again.

It will be interesting to see if other American libertarian figures, such as Republican Senator Rand Paul, or former Libertarian Party governor and 2016 presidential candidate Gary Johnson, or 2020 presidential candidate Joe Jorgensen, will also soon jump on the crypto bandwagon and tout bitcoin as the people’s currency.

Shapiro verdict

Here’s how Shapiro ended his video:

Remember: bitcoin rises when confidence in the system falls. If you have full confidence and credit in the United States, buy bonds. If you don’t believe the US won’t blow up the currency, buy bitcoins.

And finally gives his seal of approval:

I have a feeling that cryptocurrencies, especially those that are finding their footing in the market like bitcoin, will grow over time. I think we have less and less faith in centralized governments, and it seems to me that right now…..

The anecdotal evidence that Shapiro is not a crypto mastermind comes after about five minutes, when he dives into what bitcoin is. Here’s what Shapiro has to say about the creator of Bitcoin:

So, who created Bitcoin? Apparently his name is Satoshi Nakamoto. The reason I say this is probably because no one really knows who created bitcoin. Is this the man who’s supposed to be 40? And Japan?

Do you see cryptocurrencies becoming more political in the future? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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