Defi Venture XFai Reveals Liquidity Generation Event, Project Backed by Angel Investor Roger Ver – Blockchain Bitcoin News

The last 12 months have seen extraordinary demand for decentralised funding (Defi) and the development of innovative applications. Defi-racks, Decentralized Exchange (dex) and Automated Money Maker (AMM) platforms have gained value as statistics show that more than $43 billion is locked up in Defi-security protocols. Meanwhile, a new project has recently surfaced called XFai, a dex liquidity oracle that aims to capture unused money from small and medium tokens. XFai is planning a liquidity-enhancing event (LGE) on the 8th. April 2021 and this week it was announced that Roger Ver, founder of and angel investor, has invested in XFai.

XFai’s Dex Liquidity Oracle seeks to expand decentralized funding options and capture unused liquidity

The concepts of dex and decentralized exchanges are all the rage these days, and many dex platforms have surpassed centralized exchanges (cex). Today, data shows that the total value of blockchain (TVL) by definition exceeds $43 billion, and that Dex protocols such as Uniswap, Sushiswap and have significant exchange volume. Statistics show that $1.7 billion was traded on dex platforms in the past 24 hours, and $12 billion in the past seven days.

Now a new defi project called XFai is in the wings to hit the market in the near future. The protocol uses a single Dex Liquidity Oracle (DLO) for small and medium-sized tokens. The goal of XFai is to develop tools using graphical mapping of defi space and to launch decentralized products that change the game.

Defi Venture XFai Reveals Liquidity Generation Event, Project Backed by Angel Investor Roger Ver – Blockchain Bitcoin News

A comprehensive white paper was published as part of the project. It contains the XFai documentation and information about the protocol design. The team is launching its own coin called XFIT and the Dex Liquidity Oracle, or DLO, project should be a game changer. DLO technology can help draw attention to small-cap tokens and significantly increase token liquidity.

XFai’s advanced technologies, such as Potentializer and DLO (Dex Liquidity Oracle), allow small and medium-sized token holders to participate in a large liquidity pool that mirrors centralized exchanges and provides the same, if not optimized, liquidity depth as decentralized exchanges, XFai developers told

Moreover, according to the team, XFai has a built-in anti-slippage tool that allows traders to trade without getting stuck, while eliminating the need for automated market makers (AMMs).

XFai’s DLO description explains:

To encourage more users to participate in cash flow, XFai has developed a one-step cash flow method that significantly reduces the effort and gas costs associated with cash flow tracking. In return, lenders can benefit from a protected annual return.

Roger Wehr returns XFai for future Defiinfrastructure

Many of the challenge projects in this space today focus exclusively on the top tier of tokens in terms of market capitalization, and centralized exchanges operate similarly. The XFai team hopes to open more doors for small and medium-sized chips and give them a seat at the challenge table. The project has already attracted a number of investors, including venture capital funds. Recently, Roger Wehr, founder of and angel investor, decided to support the XFai project.

XFai stood out for me because of the potential of its oracle, which opens up incredible opportunities in the blockchain space, Wehr said of the investment. XFai offers de facto decentralization, allowing small and medium chips to finally take their place at the table. I look forward to making a difference in the defi space with XFai and building a solid foundation for future projects, the founder added.

Defi Venture XFai Reveals Liquidity Generation Event, Project Backed by Angel Investor Roger Ver – Blockchain Bitcoin News

Ver is one of the first investors in the bitcoin space and has been developing blockchain technology for over a decade. The undisclosed investment in XFai comes from Ver’s personal investment arm. The XFai LGE will be held on Thursday the 8th. April, went live and the team stressed that it was designed with functionality and simplicity in mind. readers can learn more about the Defy concept through the project’s website, Telegram channel, and social media channels, and interested developers can check out the project’s Github repository.

We invite everyone to join XFai to make Defi more accessible, open and profitable, starting with XFai LGE, the creators of XFai decide. The user interface of [XFai LGE] is intuitive, and the operations to be performed are summarized with one click. We believe this will allow those who have never participated in cash extraction to step in without stress and take advantage of XFIT’s high annual returns and explosive potential.

What do you think of the XFai project and the attempt to make Defi more accessible? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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