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Dubai students create cryptocurrency markets educational platforms

by Gordon James

Dubai government announced the launch of a series of educational platforms for students, the first one is  “Aadhaar Express”, a platform for students to learn about the blockchain. The platform is designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge required to use and understand blockchain technology. It features a series of educational modules, which are designed to teach students the basics of blockchain technology in a simple and intuitive manner.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, the venture capital community is all about getting in early on the next big thing. The idea of investing in an ICO in the form of tokens or coins is still relatively new, but the word has spread. While there are several ICOs on the market, they don’t all have the same characteristics. Some are simple, while others are complex and it’s difficult to tell how a company is going to perform long-term.

For those who are interested in cryptocurrencies, there is a lot of information to learn about them. However, it is not easy to get all the information about cryptocurrencies at once, and it is not easy to learn everything at once. So, the best way to get a general idea of what is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies is to actually join a cryptocurrency exchange.. Read more about cryptocurrency course free with certificate and let us know what you think.

Summary of the situation – Students at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Dubai are creating a platform to provide better information about cryptocurrency markets. – The platform, called GulfCrypt, is the first of its kind and features verified information. In Dubai, two students from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) pooled their knowledge to create a media platform dedicated to cryptocurrency markets. It provides secure and reliable information for golf investors to obtain practical information on the subject. The platform is the first of its kind in the region and won first place in the recent Entrepreneurship Innovation Challenge (GCC) 2021 competition, organized by ProjectSet.

GulfCrypt has reliable information on crypto currency markets

The platform, called GulfCrypt, is an innovation developed by Karim Tarakji, a 19-year-old cyber security student, and Suparno Chowdhury, a 20-year-old cyber security student. They have combined their knowledge and talents to create and develop a technological solution to address the uncertainty and misinformation surrounding digital assets. Karim explains how he was inspired to create this incredible innovation. He noted that despite the high interest in the cryptocurrency markets in the Gulf region, investors do not have any reliable information about the cryptocurrency markets. It argues that without adequate information, consumers are likely to be misled. Transactions in the region related to illegal activities over a 12-month period are estimated at $102 million, through June 2020. Karim also said that these aspects led him to develop a contemporary solution that his partner is very satisfied with. They have collected reliable and truthful information in verified articles and blogs. The goal was to give inexperienced people enough information about the cryptocurrency markets to educate themselves through beginner and expert courses.

Platformwith reliable information for alls

As the platform evolves, they can expect advertising partnerships with relevant or important retailers, trade shows and service providers. This is the best option for anyone who wants to get affordable and valuable information about cryptocurrencies nearby. Although Karin is an entrepreneur with many successful businesses, working with Suparno has been amazing and amazing. Suparno’s ideas could be transformed into innovative, technology-supported features that would further develop the platform’s functionality. The two students continue to apply machine learning capabilities to create automated analysis processes and provide instant validated data to users of the platform. The two students met in a psychology class and were assisted by computer science professor Dr. Khalil Al Husseni. This professor noted that students combine knowledge and technology to study cryptocurrencies.With a growing number of students in Dubai looking for elective courses in the field of cryptocurrency, the idea of an educational platform was inspired by the need of an online platform that will help students obtain the relevant knowledge and the experience in the field of cryptocurrency trading and investing.. Read more about cryptocurrency course for beginners free and let us know what you think.

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