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Flare Finance’s $EXFI Airdrop Complete, Trading to Begin on January 6, 2022

by Gordon James

Flare Finance, a platform for trading cryptocurrencies using fiat currency in order to offer competitive exchange rates and quicker execution times has completed its $EXFI Airdrop. The company will begin accepting deposits on January 6th, 2022 and currently offers USDT/BTC as the only pair available.

The “how to claim exfi airdrop” is the process by which users can get a share of the $EXFI token. The trading will begin on January 6, 2022.

Flare Finance’s $EXFI Airdrop Complete, Trading to Begin on January 6, 2022


5 January 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands Chainwire

5 January 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Finance Flare, the Flare Network’s first DeFi platform, has completed the airdrop of $EXFI tokens. All $SGB and $WSGB holders on compatible exchanges and wallets received $EXFI tokens as an airdrop. The airdrop of 40 million $EXFI to all holders was a success. 

On the Songbird Network, Flare’s Canary Network, the Experimental Finance (ExFi) platform was published. Within 30 days of introduction, the ExFi platform garnered a massive reaction from the community, generating over $40 million in TVL. The ExFi platform has already attracted 170K unique users in only a few weeks.

Trading and the $EXFI Airdrop

On December 12, 2021, at 1 p.m. EST, the snapshot for $EXFI tokens was completed. The token has a total supply of 110 million, of which 40 million were distributed through airdrop. On the platform, the EXFI token will have a variety of applications. On FlareX, it will be utilized as a fee replacement token. It might also be used to farm $SFIN on FlareFarm and make $CAND in order to farm even more $SFIN. In the first week of February, $EXFI will be accessible on FlareLoans.

Flare Finance has only published three of the seven products that will be available on the ExFi platform thus far. Even more functionality will be accessible once the other four items are released. On the FlareDrop platform, users will be able to purchase NFTs with $EXFI. $EXFI holders will also be able to vote on Flare Governance, putting them in a unique position to influence platform developments.

From January 6, 2022, the $EXFI coin is planned to be traded on a variety of platforms. Bitrue, CoinTiger, EXMO, Coinone, and CEX.io are among the exchanges that have announced support for airdrops and exchange listings. In the next days, further exchange listings are likely to be revealed.

In the next days, users will be able to trade $EXFI on the Experimental Finance platform utilizing FlareX. D’ Cent Wallet and Bifrost Wallet have both announced support for $EXFI tokens, so users may store their $EXFI there as well. In the coming days, Flare Finance will also release a Halborn Audit, as well as internal audits from TrailOfBits and CertiK. 

Flare Finance’s Background

Flare Finance is institutional-grade decentralized finance that takes use of the Flare Network’s full capabilities. Flare Finance will deploy seven products on the ExFi and Mainnet platforms: FlareX, FlareWrap, FlareFarm, FlareMine, FlareLoans, FlareMutual, and FlareDrop. 

On the Experimental Finance platform, Flare Finance has already announced support for XRP, XLM, LTC, and DOGE as S-Assets and XDC, LGCY, CSC, and PAC as X-Assets. Flare Finance has a sizable following on Twitter, with approximately 100,000 followers. The number of unique users is likely to grow tremendously as additional projects are added to the site. 

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