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How a School Graduate From Indonesia Made Fortunes Selling NFT Selfies

by Gordon James

One Indonesian man’s journey from farmer to photo-booth millionaire began with a simple idea and the first ever selfie on NFT. In 2018, he sold over $5 million worth of selfies in an ICO presale.

The “most expensive nft sold” is a story about how a school graduate from Indonesia made fortunes selling NFT selfies. This article will discuss the history of NFTs and how they are used in the marketplace today.

Ghozali Ghozalo has gained a wealth that has changed his life thanks to what began as a school project. After being listed on OpenSea marketplace, each selfie taken by Ghozali increased in value from $3 to a peak high of $3,000 in less than two days. 2 ETH was the highest last sale. For a selfie, it amounts to more than $6,000. 

As of the time of publication, the floor price has stabilized over 0.2 ETH after falling sharply from its all-time high. This demonstrates the power of the NFT community! This Indonesian student received support from some of the top online influencers in the NFT field without any added value or hoopla. 

I think his desire to merely investigate the NFT realm contributed to his success in cultivating such a cult following. He just intended to use his daily selfies to make a graduation video after school. He produced this collection after deciding to give NFTs a try in light of their rising popularity. And look where he is now as a result. 


A lot of individuals who backed Ghozali by purchasing his NFTs at a discount ultimately made 10-100 times their original investment. Additionally, Ghozali said on Twitter that he has never understood why people spend so much money on images online. However, he is certain that NFTs are here to stay after spending a lot of time in community discord servers and talking to numerous NFT fans.

He also set up a discord server to assist others in getting started. We often see individuals dealing with rug pulls and other types of hacks, therefore it is good to see similar things occur in the NFT realm. This demonstrates the real potential of groups of people who are eager to assist content producers in whatever manner they can. For five years, Ghozali routinely snapped selfies. Whatever way you look at it, it is challenging to shoot photos every day at the same stance and viewpoint. His efforts so well rewarded. 

In the end, this is the main purpose of NFTs. Something so simple may be created by someone and appeal to a big number of people. To encourage more active players to join the NFT area, we hope to see more of this in the future. 

The collection is available for viewing here. 

Adhere to him on Twitter. 

How a School Graduate From Indonesia Made Fortunes Selling NFT Selfies

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The “selfie nft price” is a story of how a school graduate from Indonesia made fortunes selling NFT selfies. The person who wrote this article, says that the best way to make money on cryptocurrency is to be an early adopter.

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