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How NFTs are changing the Play2Earn scene |

by Gordon James

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the new rage of crypto gaming. They offer a whole new world for developers and players to interact with, without ever touching real money or creating one central server that could be hacked.

NFTs are changing the Play2Earn scene. NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are digital assets that can be owned by one person and cannot be replicated. They’re used in games like CryptoKitties to create unique collectibles. This article discusses how they’ve impacted the game industry and what it means for players. Read more in detail here: nfts art.

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NFTs are currently being used to support the in-game economy in a number of blockchain-based games, which is changing the way we play games. 

The NFT specialists from BuyNFT.com will discuss the industry secrets to learn more about Play2Earn games and how NFTs are pushing gaming to the next level! 

What are Play2Earn Games, and how do they work?

Play2Earn games have been around for a while, but NFTs and blockchain have elevated them to new heights. This means you’ve always been able to purchase and earn in-game cash, but that was the extent of it. You could purchase them or earn them by completing accomplishments, whether you earned FIFA money, FarCry credits, or Minecraft coins, but that’s all they could do. 

Games are now beginning to replace this monetary system with real money and products that can be sold. This has been seen in games like Diablo 2, where you may sell in-game things to other players. You couldn’t, however, take the money out of the game. 

Gamers may now harvest stuff and characters in games using NFTs as the in-game money and then sell them on marketplaces using NFTs as the in-game currency. They may then withdraw that bitcoin to their own wallets. Play2Earn games enable you to make money just by playing the game. 

You may make money with blockchain Play2Earn games by raising horses, cultivating materials, or playing simulators, and it’s sweeping over the globe.

Which Play2Earn Games are the Most Popular? 

There are presently hundreds of Play2Earn games available, with many more actively generating code and spooling up with an early 2022 launch date. Without a doubt, Play2Earn will become the new worldwide standard for video games. 

It all started with CryptoKitties in December 2017, when gamers could breed their own cats and sell them on the in-game marketplace. Kitties would be sold for Ethereum, which could subsequently be converted to fiat cash if desired. CryptoKitties is largely considered to be the first application to exploit blockchain technology for recreational purposes. 

Since then, there has been a significant increase in the number of Play2Earn games available. There are a plethora of amazing games available right now, with themes ranging from horses and flora to knights and monsters. 

The following are the most popular Play2Earn games:

All of these Play2Earn games are enjoyable in their own way and center on the concept of farming for prizes and tokens. Axie Infinity is the trendiest Play2Earn game right now, and it’s one that everyone interested in blockchain gaming will play at some time. 

How much money can I make by playing Play2Earn games?

It’s all very well to name these games Play2Earn, but can you really make enough money from them to live on? You’d be shocked, to say the least. You can make a lot of money if you spend enough time playing Play2Earn games. 

For achieving milestones, winning fights, and farming, many Play2Earn games will reward you with tokens and NFTs. These may then be traded for cryptocurrency on exchanges, which you can subsequently swap for fiat cash if desired. 

While getting a pair of Axies might cost up to $1,000, gamers have been able to farm the game to unbelievable amounts. One teenage Filipino gamer made enough money from the game to purchase his own home. According to some claims, devoted gamers may earn about $2,000 per month from the game. 

Now, not everyone will be able to earn as much money from Play2Earn games, but it is possible if you put in enough time and effort into farming these games. For many people who seek money via Pay2Earn games, it quickly becomes a full-time profession. 

Are You Having Fun With These Games?

The Play2Earn craze is gaining steam, and it’ll only be a matter of time until the more known games become too costly to play. You’ll need at least one character from the game to play these games, so get there early. 

Keep a look out for the next wave of Play2Earn games and get your characters in before they reach the heights that Axie Infinity has. The players that get in early are usually the ones who make the most money!

Best of luck!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of BuyNFT.com.

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How NFTs are changing the Play2Earn scene |

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