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John McAfee Admits His Cryptocurrency Fortune is Gone but He Regrets Nothing

by Gordon James

As you may have heard, John McAfee has gone on the record to admit that he lost his entire cryptocurrency fortune to an unfortunate mix up with his mining hardware. I say unfortunate due to the fact that McAfee has been known to make outlandish claims in the past.

In an interview on CNBC, the eccentric technology pioneer, John McAfee, admitted that his cryptocurrency fortune is gone after the value of his “pre-mined” digital currency plunged below the $1 mark. As we had reported earlier, the former anti-virus software pioneer who has been living in Belize for the last few months, is now planning a return to the United States to fight the charges against him.

Now that the dust has settled, John McAfee is shedding light on the reality of his cryptocurrency wealth. “I regret nothing,” he said in a recent interview. “If I had a time machine I would go back and tell my younger self not to do this.”. Read more about is cryptocurrency legal and let us know what you think.

TL:DR Breakdown

  • Mr. McAfee says he doesn’t own any cryptocurrencies.
  • He also claims that the allegations against him are exaggerated.

John McAfee, who is currently in custody in Spain after being charged with tax fraud, said he has no regrets despite his declining crypto-currency fortune. In a recent tweet, the programmer wrote that the US thinks he has hidden digital assets, which is not true. The former (CEO) of software company McAfee said he had invested nothing in digital assets.


People have a lot of sympathy for the millionaire, and wish him well in the comments. realcryptojo then asked John what he could offer, as he was there a while ago and knows what John McAfee is going through.

McAfee: I have nothing

The millionaire, whose fortune is estimated at $4 million, tweeted that he had nothing left. The millionaire is a polarizing figure, not easily pinned down. No wonder he sold the rights to a documentary about his life. John has been very successful in the virtual currency market, which has been his downfall of late.

The situation worsened earlier this year after the U.S. Department of Justice filed tax fraud charges against McAfee’s former CEO and senior advisor Jimmy Watson Jr. Authorities accuse both of various conspiracies to commit fraud in blatant pump-and-dump schemes and even money laundering.

John said the allegations were exaggerated. He added that he had no more money. He repeated this in his latest tweet. Indicates that the funds have been liquidated by many hands of the McAfee team.

Moreover, the rest of his assets are in the hands of the government. Even when told he had nothing, John admitted he wasn’t worried.

McAfee replies: Exaggerated statements

The currency of the week campaign allowed John McAfee to post about any virtual currency. Because he is a very influential crypto coin maker, every time he writes about a particular coin, buyers jump on it, causing the price to skyrocket. John McAfee has over a million followers on his Twitter account.

However, John McAfee, who is currently in custody in Spain, believes that the tokens have not lost value due to the alleged scheme, but attributes it to the bear market of 2018.

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