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Report: Almost half of all crypto wallets are connected to games |

by Gordon James

The report, released by the UK-based analytics company Elliptic on Wednesday, estimates that about 46% of all crypto wallets are connected to games. Games like CryptoKitties and Etheremon rely on blockchain technology for their gameplay which makes them especially popular online gaming platforms among cryptocurrency holders. The game makers rake in millions off these players who purchase virtual cats or digital heroes to collect and compete with other players within the game world

The “star atlas crypto review” is a report that states that around half of all crypto wallets are connected to games. The article also includes some fixes for the issue.

Naturally, when our worlds were shut off from the outside during the epidemic, many people resorted to gaming, which has seen a major spike in popularity. According to the BGA Blockchain Gaming Report, over half of all crypto wallets are linked to games.

According to the research, the blockchain sector generated 1.54 million UAW in Q3, up 25% from the previous quarter and 509 percent year over year (YoY). The accumulation and exchange of in-game assets that may be exchanged with other players seems to be a major driver of demand. 

As a result, there has been a surge in interest in blockchain games and play-to-earn strategies. In July, the Blockchain Game Alliance said that there were over 804,000 unique players linked to blockchain-based games. 

The rise of the NFT industry and the play-to-earn model inside games, according to DappRadar’s most recent study, are two of the key drivers to the growing demand. 

In the most recent report, why was Splinterlands named king?

With 245k users in September, the blockchain game Splinterlands had the most users in the third quarter.

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based trading card game that allows players to purchase, collect, play, and trade various NFT cards from all over the globe. Trading cards are a large component of conventional offline collecting, therefore the success of the play-to-earn game is easy to predict. The game, which is based on the Hive blockchain, has digitalized the conventional card trading concept. The card’s worth is based on its NFT and collection potential, as well as the characteristics it provides to the market.

Blockchain gaming is gaining popularity throughout the world. 

The play-to-earn paradigm is gradually catching on, from Splinterlands to Dr. Who trade cards. Blockchain technology seems to give a clear avenue for conventional gaming firms who seek player retention to provide gamers additional reasons to remain in the game. 

For games that wish to capitalize on player retention and provide in-game economics as a new model, the shift from gaming to GameFi seems to be unavoidable. Crypto Prophecies, Star Atlas, and My Crypto Heroes are just a few of the newest games to hit the market that have developed a passionate following and are now introducing NFTs as in-game assets.

The low entrance barrier to gaming, along with the entertainment component, makes it an ideal breeding ground for NFTs and the future of GameFi. Is GameFi going to be a big part of all future games?

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Report: Almost half of all crypto wallets are connected to games |

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The “Report: Almost half of all crypto wallets are connected to games” is a recent article published by the “star atlas game review“. The article talks about how almost half of all crypto wallets are connected to games.

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