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Russia Reportedly Plan to Legalize Crypto for International Payments

by Gordon James

Russia is reportedly planning to legalize crypto for international payments and a growing number of countries are considering doing the same. This follows an announcement from Russia’s top finance official, Vasily Sushko who said that the country was open to regulating cryptocurrency but needed more time to determine how best it could be done.

Russia is reportedly planning to legalize cryptocurrency for international payments. The move comes after the Russian Ministry of Finance has said that it will be “prohibited” to use cryptocurrencies in Russia as a means of payment. Read more in detail here: russia cryptocurrency latest news.

Russia Reportedly Plan to Legalize Crypto for International Payments


Following the invasion of Ukraine, Russia was subjected to a slew of Western sanctions, which harmed the country’s foreign commerce. Russia is apparently considering approving bitcoin payments as a way to circumvent the sanctions.

According to a Reuters story, Russia is considering using cryptocurrency to settle foreign payments. Given that Russia is now the most sanctioned nation in the world, this action might help to increase cryptocurrency acceptance.

Russia intends to utilize cryptocurrency for foreign transactions.

A government official acknowledged the likely usage of cryptocurrencies in Russia, according to the article. “The notion of employing digital currencies in transactions for foreign settlements is being actively explored,” said Ivan Chebeskov, the director of the finance ministry’s financial policy department.

Russian government authorities are examining several options for regulating the country’s burgeoning cryptocurrency business. They also want to keep an eye on how digital currencies are being used. Russia was reported to be one of the world’s major crypto economies last year.

However, not all government departments are in favor of cryptocurrency adoption. While the finance ministry supports the usage of digital currencies, Russia’s central bank does not, and has campaigned for a blanket ban on these assets in the past.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the West has placed a slew of sanctions on Russian organizations and people. There have been fears that, in the face of these sanctions, Russia would resort to cryptocurrency to boost its economy. As a result, many countries have issued statements asking crypto businesses to follow the restrictions and guarantee that cryptocurrencies are not utilized by sanctioned persons or entities.

In an amended version of a draft bill, Russia’s finance ministry aims to include this new proposal to encourage the use of cryptocurrency in foreign payments. If this idea is approved, Russia may be able to evade Western sanctions. Crypto payments, according to Chebeskov, will lessen the effect of Russia’s restricted access to conventional cross-border payment systems.

Denis Manturov, the director of Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry, recently expressed support for cryptocurrencies, saying that the nation was open to approving crypto payments in the future.

“Now that the central bank and government are actively working on it, the issue is when it will happen and how it will be controlled.” However, most people are aware of this… “This will be implemented in some form or another sooner or later,” Manturov remarked.

Cryptocurrency use is on the rise.

Several nations have endorsed cryptocurrency to preserve their economy in the last year. The Central African Republic just enacted legislation recognizing Bitcoin as legal cash. The nation is now just the second in the world to adopt Bitcoin as an official currency.

Despite Cryptocurrency use is on the rise., the World Bank and other global institutions have warned against these assets because of their volatile nature, saying they pose a risk to financial stability. After the Central African Republic adopted Bitcoin, the World Bank said it was physically impossible for the country to set the infrastructure needed for Bitcoin adoption.

In September of last year, El Salvador became the first government to recognize Bitcoin as legal cash. Despite the market’s prolonged downturn, the nation has continued to acquire more Bitcoin. To encourage crypto investments, the nation is also aiming to establish a Bitcoin city.

Other nations, such as Mexico, have shown interest in making Bitcoin official money. However, the president has voiced doubts about the feasibility of utilizing Bitcoin as legal cash, thus this action might be a roadblock in the nation.

The “how cryptocurrency works” is a question that has been asked many times. Russia is reportedly planning to legalize crypto for international payments.

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