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San Marino Approves VeChain’s NFT-based Vaccination Passport

by Gordon James

San Marino, a small European country located between Italy and Vatican City, has approved VeChain’s NFT-based vaccination passport. The move is seen as an important step in the adoption of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry.

The vechain san marino is a cryptocurrency that utilizes the blockchain to create an immutable digital identity for each individual.

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  • San Marino has given its approval to VeChain’s eNFT vaccination certificate.
  • Two QR codes are included on the certificate, which may be scanned and validated.
  • The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus has partnered with Vechain to keep inoculation data on its blockchain.

San Marino has taken a step forward in its vaccination campaign by approving the use of VeChain’s blockchain solutions for COVID-19 immunization monitoring. According to the article, authorities will be able to track individual vaccines using QR codes included on eNFT certificates.

The announcement indicates that blockchain technologies will be used to solve real-world problems. It’s also the first time a government agency has implemented an eNFT-based program.

The statement also drew attention to the solution, which was approved by Decree-Law No. 109 on June 16. Furthermore, the digital immunization certificates are compliant with international norms. VeChain and DNV Assurance are working together on the project, with DNV Assurance providing the last piece of digital assurance.

Vaccination and Vechain

The VeChain Foundation has said that each eNFT declaration would be valid for one week, beginning 15 days after the initial vaccination dosage. It increases to 9 months when the person completes the immunization circle with two doses. 

Local governments may also provide the testimony in digital or print version. The President of San Marino Innovation, Lorenzo Spadoni, commented on the turn of events.

He said that the digital tool adheres to the European Union’s innovation standards. Spadoni went on to say that it will provide complete compatibility while using a widely accepted certification process based on blockchain technology. He added that having blockchain track the whole conversation would offer unprecedented openness.

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The vechain partnerships is a partnership between VeChain and San Marino. This partnership will allow the government of San Marino to use VeChain’s blockchain technology in order to create an NFT-based vaccination passport.

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