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Student Coin Already Raised Over $8.7M in STC Sale – Press release Bitcoin News

by Gordon James

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– Press release

PRESS RELEASE. To take cryptocurrencies even further, a dedicated team has developed one of the most intriguing tokens that will forever change the way you look at cryptocurrencies: the STC token, which will be available on day one on a special ICO. The month of February is available.

What is an STC badge?

STC is the basic use coin of the Student Coin project, which allows the creation of custom coins without extensive technical knowledge.

If you have an account on the platform, you can create one:

  • Personal tokens are unique assets linked to a single account;
  • Starter tokens are assets that help you get closer to your dreams;
  • Company tokens are unique assets dedicated to a company;
  • DeFi tokens are assets which allow various banking transactions to be carried out without the intervention of a third party;
  • NFT tokens are transferable tokens that allow you to move from one platform to another.

All these tokens are valued based on STC tokens and can be used for trading, trading and even crowdfunding.

Why is the STC badge special?

What makes the STC marker superior to other markers is that it targets the most important people in the global economy – students.

They are the next generation of workers who will shape the success of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses. University programs should be made more accessible to help people get a better education.

But it’s not that simple. A reduction in tuition would mean budget cuts to enable quality researchers, faculty, programs, international collaborations, etc.

Until now, the solution was a bank loan. However, in an unpredictable economy, people have lost faith in banking services. And who can blame them?

So the Student Coin team found a solution to decentralize student loans: crowdfunding with personal tokens.

How does it work?

The future student creates his personal token. This token is on the student market. STC holders purchase tokens until the student receives the tuition. When the student graduates and finds a job, a portion of his or her salary is blocked from repaying the loan. STC holders receive a cyclical payment for their participation.

This project is supported by more than 500 leading universities around the world, including Harvard University, the University of Manchester and the University of Copenhagen.

An easy way for students to get the money they need to pursue their dreams. At least that’s the main goal, but this process can also be applied to forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

And that’s not the only reason the student currency is out. STC Token Holding allows users to vote on the development of a project and even sign petitions if necessary. It’s a complete ecosystem designed to give people what they need and increase the usefulness of cryptocurrencies.

How can I buy STC parts?

To get your STC tokens as soon as possible, make sure you don’t miss the Student Coin Launchpad ICO, which runs through the 30th. The month of April is available.

Despite launching just 45 days ago, the team has already raised over $8.7 million in STC tokens and reached over 80 milestones.

Each phase completed so far had a hard limit of $150,000, and the price increased by 1% with each restart.

By participating in an ICO, you not only gain access to these tokens, but also to additional assets.

If you refer your friends to the ICO and send them a unique referral link, you can earn 20% of the ETH invested by each of your friends, as well as 30% of their STC purchases.

Your friends will also receive 5% of the purchase price of the STC.

Who’s behind the student currency?

Student Coin is supported by a dedicated team of 44 people from 12 different countries, ready to promote cryptocurrencies and create solutions for global needs. They include, for example, the former IBM Technical Director for Europe and the President of the Harvard Club in Poland.

By the end of 2021, the team plans to develop and implement STC Exchange, STC Terminal and even STC App, as well as token listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

So if these innovative ideas have caught your attention, you should join the ICO and follow it on social media to stay up to date on opportunities.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/student.coin.world/

Related: https://www.linkedin.com/company/student-coin-worldwide/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/studentcoinorg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/studentcoin.org

Telegram: https://t.me/studentcoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Studentcoin/

Derogation: https://discord.gg/Nx65dMZcMt

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new cryptocurrency,bitcoin news today,how much are bitcoins worth,is bitcoin safe,Privacy settings,How Search works

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