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They are all in the NFT minting rush: Pulitzer Prize winners, Asian pop stars, US Congress candidates, and NFL players

by Gordon James

In 2018, the world of blockchain is becoming more mainstream than ever. As it enters into new industries and reaches a wider audience, companies are rushing to integrate its use within their business models.

The “floki news” is a cryptocurrency that was released on the NFT platform. It is a digital asset that has been used to mint new tokens for the company. The token holders can use their floki coins to pay for goods and services on the platform.

Last year, NFTs formally flooded the mainstream. This is old news. The market reached a new level of adoption—active participation—in all its splendor thanks to the trend’s natural growth, nevertheless.

The adage “everyone has something to give the world” may be valid, but it hasn’t yet been determined if this should be coined as an NFT.

Asia’s Pop Emperor

On January 1, Asia’s Pop Emperor, Jay Chou, who has appeared in films such as The Green Hornet and Now You See Me 2 and has released over 8 platinum pop albums, launched an NFT collection in collaboration with Ezek, a brand new NFT platform. 

According to DappRadar, the collection of 10,000 NFTs known as “PhantaBear” sold out in less than 40 minutes, deposing popular NFTs like Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) and Doodles from the weekly rankings. 

The top NFT collections during the last week (DappRadar)

The fastest-ever ascent to the top of the worldwide sales rankings by an NFT series is unprecedented in history. The record was initially established by the Bored Ape and Cryptopunk NFT series, which became well-known in a matter of months,” according to the official press release. 

The collection value has increased by nearly $54 million since the announcement.

The “PhantaBear” collection’s algorithmically created digital collectibles each serve as membership cards for the Ezek Club, which is a package deal that grants access to the whole Ezek virtual world as well as virtual concert tickets, access to exclusive locations, and other benefits. 

Awarded Pulitzer Prizes

In the meanwhile, blockchain technology company Xooa announced the opening of an NFT marketplace through the Associated Press (AP).

The platform will contain Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photographs as well as the news organization’s award-winning modern and historical reportage. 

According to Dwayne Desaulniers, director of blockchain and data licensing at AP, “for 175 years, AP’s photographers have captured the world’s greatest stories via riveting and moving photographs that still reverberate today.” 

We are happy to provide these tokenized works to a rapidly expanding worldwide audience of photography NFT collectors using Xooa’s technology.

The inaugural collection, slated for publication over many weeks starting January 31, is said to feature NFTs with themes related to space, climate, and conflict, among others. 

Each NFT will provide collectors with knowledge of the time, date, place, tools, and technical settings utilized for the historic photo in addition to a wealth of original information.

They are all in the NFT minting rush: Pulitzer Prize winners, Asian pop stars, US Congress candidates, and NFL playersOn the Spanish island of La Palma in the Canaries, a photo of a house blanketed in ash following a volcanic eruption was taken by Emilio Morenatti for AP Photo.

The news organization said that NFT rates would vary and that as a non-profit news cooperative, “proceeds go back into sustaining truthful, balanced AP journalism.”

The market will enable credit card payments for secondary exchanges and purchases as well as cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask, with support for Fortmatic, Binance, and Coinbase to be added later.

The Polygon blockchain, which the AP described as “an ecologically friendly, Ethereum-compatible Layer 2 solution,” will be used to mint the NFTs.

running for the US Congress

In the meanwhile, Republican Blake Masters, who is running for the Senate in Arizona, and Democrat Shrina Kurani, who is vying for a House seat in California, both pushed to provide NFTs as rewards for campaign contributors.

Kurani, who gave NFTs as campaign merch–hoping to win support from a younger generation–wrote on Twitter, “Huge shout out to the SolSea NFT team for making this possible, and Solana for establishing an energy-efficient chain so we can drive innovation in web3 in a sustainable manner.”

Receive an NFT from the first-ever federal campaign to conduct a drop by supporting us as we make our way to Congress, she said.

15 minutes total Get an NFT from the first-ever federal campaign to conduct a drop when you assist us on our journey to Congress! Instagram: nwkH2kCgfX; Twitter: BJpcJVrZ74

December 30, 2021 — Shrina Kurani for Congress (@shrinakurani)

While Masters allegedly raised close to $575,000 “by promising to give donors tokens with cover art for a book about startup companies that he wrote with Silicon Valley billionaire and top Trump ally Peter Thiel,” Bloomberg reported, Kurani raised only $6.610 and distributed less than a dozen tokens when the offer expired at the end of December.

the previous first lady and NFL players

A recent addition to the field is attempting to score a touchdown without blinking, while American football players are coming up with clever new tactics to keep their crowd interested with dynamic NFTs.

Melania, for those who didn’t guess. The first woman sold a digital painting of her eyes called “Melania’s Vision” at auction last month. Solana was the opening offer.

However, lately Ms. Trump made the decision to boost the ante and published a fresh image of herself decked out in white with a beginning price of merely 1.800 Solana, or $245,556.

They are all in the NFT minting rush: Pulitzer Prize winners, Asian pop stars, US Congress candidates, and NFL playersMelania Trump wears and signs a white broad-brimmed, high-blocked crown hat (Herve Pierre, 2018)

The new NFT is a part of Melania’s Head of State Collection, which honors the first state visit under the Trump Administration. It includes three individually signed items, including Marc-Antoine Coulon’s “Watercolor on Paper” and the former first lady’s and Coulon’s “Digital Artwork NFT with Motion.”

What took place?

Since culture and identity are so intricately entwined, one can only perceive the weave pattern and not the individual strands. All methods of storing value take part in their development and transition since they are imbued with symbolic significance. 

NFTs are unwinding as a very particular thread in the fabric, however, because of their singularity. Ideal for encapsulating at least three facets of a person’s complicated identity: personal, group or collective, and societal. NFTs are thus set for exceptional appeal–without any additional benefits. 

Minting NFTs emerges not just as a method to stay up with market trends, but also as an act of establishing one’s own image—personal, public, and everything in between—while “utility” remains a term that is best substituted with “practicality.”  

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