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‘Twas the Night before Christmas: A Cointelegraph Story

by Gordon James

“Twas the Night before Christmas: A Cointelegraph Story” is a short story created by Joseph Lubin and Andrew Keys of ConsenSys that takes place in the imaginary world of Dapplandia. The story has been published on Medium, with an accompanying blog post explaining how it came about.

“Twas the night before christmas” is a children’s story by Clement C. Moore that was first published in 1823. The story tells of Santa Claus coming down the chimney to leave presents for all the children who were sleeping.

‘Twas the Night before Christmas: A Cointelegraph Story


It was the night before Christmas, and all around the Twittersphere, there was a flurry of activity.

There wasn’t a troll in sight, not even a banker;

The cryptocurrency was carefully HODLed in cold storage.

In the hopes of seeing Satoshi again soon;

FUD was avoided by the newcomers, who slept in their beds.

While dancing in their thoughts were images of lambos.

And with Pomp engaged and Schiff talking nonsense,

We weren’t making a big deal about traders stacking sats.

When references of Nakamoto appeared in the trends,

I needed to be certain it wasn’t simply FOMO. 

My fingers flew away from my portfolio.

And I double-checked the pricing – oh, were they exorbitant!

For a brief minute, I believed I was mistaken.

But instead, there’s been a massive bull run, with eight altcoins following suit.

Who could have perpetrated such a crime? Who was it that answered my prayer?

I recognized the answer right away: Michael Saylor.

He’s jotting down notes. He’s double-checking it. pic.twitter.com/cb6yzLKEbc #HappyHodlDays

December 24, 2021 — Michael Saylor (@saylor)

A buy so large that it caused all tokens to moon,

He tweeted and yelled out of character, all to CT, crooning:

“Now! Now, Ether! Now is the time to create! Solana and Luna,

“On! On, Matic! On with Litecoin! Shiba and Doge

“We’ve made it to the top of the charts!” New all-time highs have been reached!

“Let’s go to the moon!” Allow the whales to make the purchases!”

And then, in a flash, I thought to myself more than once,

“Perhaps now is the time to pay out after all these months?”

So my cursor hovered on the sale button.

As I inhaled deeply, I heard myself mutter:

“Perhaps Crypto has other intentions,” I speculated.

Perhaps, just maybe, Christmas is the season for diamond hands.

I gave Saylor a friendly nod and switched off my monitors.

Despite the influx of users from all over the world,

The tokens went crazy, but I was OK with it.

I’m keeping my Bitcoin no matter what happens to the price.

Before signing off, I sent you a message: Are you ready for a fight?

“Merry Christmas to all, and HODL tight to all.”

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“Twas the night before christmas poem short version” is a poem written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823. The original poem has been translated into many languages, and it’s one of the most recognized Christmas poems in the world. Reference: twas the night before christmas poem short version.

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