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Wave Financial to Launch 2nd Iteration of Popular ‘Kentucky Whiskey Fund’

by Gordon James

The Commonwealth Fund has been supporting research for over 60 years, so it’s not surprising that they have a ton of knowledge about various diseases, including one that has been a burden on the Kentucky bourbon industry for decades. The ‘Kentucky Whiskey Fund’ is a non-profit organization that was created in the 1960s to help traditional distillers in the state who were struggling to compete with the big corporate producers.

The Kentucky Bourbon industry has been suffering from a slump in sales, and even the state legislature is considering legislation that would ban whiskey tourism in the Bluegrass State. While there is no one reason for the industry’s decline, most blame it on the fact that liquor laws in Kentucky are a mess, making it difficult to sell or ship alcohol across state lines. To get around this problem, wave financial has launched an online crowdfunding campaign for the second iteration of its popular ‘Kentucky Whiskey Fund’.

Kentucky Bourbon is well know for its popularity worldwide. Every year in the state of Kentucky, 2 million gallons of whiskey are produced. The demand for whiskey is so high, that many markets are willing to give a premium price for the premium product.

Wave Financial recently announced the launch of another Kentucky Whiskey fund in 2021. This fund aims to build on the success of its first iteration, in which Wave Financial showed a viable and intriguing use of digital equities and spirits.

Second round

Wave Financial said it will again partner with Wilderness Trail Distillery for the second iteration of its whiskey/bourbon fund.  Located in Danville, Kentucky, this distillery specializes in the production of high-quality craft spirits. The fund, which is expected to launch in the coming weeks, hopes to attract investors with its impressive track record of investing in whisky/bourbon.  Wave notes that these thinkers can typically achieve a 20% return with their funds over a 5-year period, while being very resilient to economic downturns. As with the first fund of this type, the procedure is simple.

  1. Buy a limited edition whiskey/bourbon from Wilderness Trail Distillery.
  2. Sell localized shares of its fund to eligible investors.
  3. Aging of the product at the production site over a period of several years
  4. Sell the product after a satisfactory increase in value on the secondary markets

For those wishing to participate in the fund, an investment of at least $100,000 is required.


To make this fund possible, Wave Financial partners with several other companies.  While Wilderness Trail Distillery will provide the underlying asset, NEM will provide the infrastructure for the creation and issuance of digital securities, a process that is expected to be built on the promising Symbol platform.

Based on success

The decision to host a second round of the Kentucky Whiskey Fund certainly builds on the success of the first round.  Wave Financial had two big successes with this investment product last year.

  1. Best in Class Award for Asset-Backed Tokens at the Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities Awards (TADS).
  2. Violation of an asset under management of USD 500 million.

Les Borsai, chief strategist and co-founder of Wave Financial, recently commented on these successes by stating. Wave is one of the few registered investment advisors to focus on cryptocurrencies for high net worth clients and institutions looking for tailored wealth management strategies, and we believe this has made a significant contribution to the AUM…. Wave attracts investors from around the world who want access to crypto assets….. Our ability to provide clients with white collar services, reliable custody and timely reporting is a key growth driver in this area. To learn more about this new fund, be sure to come to Wave Financial’s upcoming Ask Me Anything event with Managing Partner and President Benjamin Tsai.Cryptocurrency is a hot topic. It’s a new asset class that has been popping up all over the world. But for every token there is a token. And for every token there is a token issuer. Wave Financial is a company that is just that – a company that issues tokens. In this article, I am going to focus on their new ‘Kentucky Whiskey Fund’, in the hopes that it will get me in the right mindset.. Read more about wave kentucky whiskey fund and let us know what you think.

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