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World of Solana hacker gets scammed in community sting |

by Gordon James

The World of Solana is a new blockchain-based game that allows players to earn crypto while playing. The CEO was recently scammed in this community sting where a hacker managed to steal $3 million worth of the company’s token (SOL). Experts say these kinds of scams are likely going to happen more and more as people pile into ICOs and get involved with cryptocurrency for the first time.

The “solana hacker house” is a community that was created to help people learn about the cryptocurrency. The community was also created to help people avoid scams, and it has been successful in doing so.

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A community sting operation resulted in a hacker being duped, according to the World of Solana (WoS) Twitter account.

1/ We’re ecstatic to tell you about a wild World of Solana community story:

We have successfully conned @UnchainedNFThacker! ‘s

@CyberFrogsNFT and a sniper, shoutout to our community! ❤️💯 #NFTCommunity #Solana #SolanaNFTs

pic.twitter.com/4SeG0YDNW4 (full story)

May 25, 2022 — World Of Solana WOSup (@worldofsolana)

In this scenario, what’s really rewarding is how the hacker was duped.

How did the hacker become a victim of a con?

The situation started on Monday, when the Unchained NFT’s Discord channel was hacked.

Unchained NFT is a cross-chain game development firm with the goal of establishing “back-end interoperability across the NFT projects and chains we represent.”

“Unchained NFT’s ultimate goal is to create a melting pot of crypto culture and chains in which communities from all chains may come together and prosper.” It’s a game and metaverse trip unlike any other.”

The hacker stole 25 WoS NFTs and emptied the wallets of 109 individuals, resulting in a total loss of 150 SOL ($6,700). Several of the top 100 WOS NFTs were among those that were eliminated.

In response, community members @QuantMaven, @AngelaTNFT, and @cryptosile devised a plan to reclaim the NFTs with the help of developer @CyberFrogsNFT.

The company “set royalties to 98 percent” to entice the hacker to come out of hiding, while also encouraging the community to keep an eye on Solana’s principal NFT marketplace, Magic Eden.

When the NFT is offered in a marketplace, royalties are taken as a proportion of the sale price. The default royalty rate for WoS NFTs is 5%.

The hacker published the stolen NFTs on Magic Eden two days after setting the trap, with 15 of them being purchased by the community and the rest being “taken” by a “sniper.”

4/ The hacker posted the 25 WOS NFTs on @MagicEden two days later, at 2 a.m. EST. The @WorldofSolana community was able to purchase 15 and a sniper stole the remaining ten.

We gave the sharpshooter a DING from @FamousFoxFed, and he enthusiastically agreed to help. 💌 pic.twitter.com/3TCRnnZ4qQ

May 25, 2022 — World Of Solana WOSup (@worldofsolana)

The stolen NFTs were returned to their rightful owners as a result of the communication made to the “sniper.” The last tweet, for the second time, praised the community’s activities in carrying out the sting.

“This is the second time a fraudulent NFT has been found in our community.

Our community is little, but we are incredibly powerful when we work together!”

What is the Solana World?

The WoS is a group of 2,222 Solana blockchain heroes battling for independence in a fictitious battle between competing blockchains and the government.

“A battle is raging between competing blockchains and the government. Only by working together will the blockchains be able to combat their shared foe.”

Each is determined by a mix of 18 various characteristics, such as background, aura, hairdo, physique, and so on. #1874, valued at 123 SOL ($5,600), is the most costly WoS NFT.

World of Solana hacker gets scammed in community sting |WoS #1874 on MagicEden.io is the source.

The collection’s current price floor is 2.03 SOL ($92), which is down 41% from the collection’s top floor price of 3.46 on April 12.

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The “hack solana” is a community that is made up of people who want to improve the cryptocurrency. Recently, one member was scammed by another member in a sting operation.

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